We've Hit the Road!  Personal Med Clinic is now:

Personal Med Clinic closed its doors on October 16, 2019, to go mobile as Direct Care of Texas.  We now offer house calls, telemedicine and video consults in addition to office visits at various sites around San Antonio.

We've also returned to a simple, transparent, and direct doctor-patient relationship.

Our direct care subscription includes comprehensive annual physicals, annual EKG’s, annual labs, additional visits and labs throughout the year, and unlimited phone and video consultations.  If you have insurance, you may apply those benefits to your labs, imaging, medications and referrals. Subscribers enjoy additional savings in time and costs with direct after-hour and weekend communication with Dr Tamayo by phone and text.

Not ready to subscribe?  No problems, try us out with our pay per visit option.

Learn more at www.DirectCareOfTexas.com and call us at (210) 521-6328 to enroll.