Welcoming Primary Care and Walk-In Visits

We have an important and exciting announcement.  Due to financial circumstances, the time has come to close our office.  Our last day to see you at Personal Med Clinic is Wednesday, October 16, 2019.  We are sad to lose this beautiful space but thrilled about the new opportunities we can now offer. 

Join the Direct Primary Care movement with us! It is a growing tide of doctors and patients who have left behind the costly and restrictive meddling of insurance companies to return to a simple, transparent, and direct doctor-patient relationship.

As Direct Care of Texas, we now offer a subscription that includes annual comprehensive physicals, annual EKG’s, annual comprehensive labs, additional visits and labs throughout the year, and unlimited phone and video consultations.

Yep, you heard correct. We are leaving behind the expensive office overhead to save you time and money with house calls, telemedicine and video consults.

Learn more at www.DirectCareOfTexas.com and call us at (210) 521-6328 to enroll.


Clinical Pathology Laboratories           

Phlebotomist On-Site           


 Walk-In Lab Collections           


Mon-Fri  8am-12pm