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Financial Policies

Personal Med Clinic aims to be a financially sustainable source for your health care.  We rely on your payments to cover our expenses and salaries.  Our fees vary based on whether you visit as a new or established patient, the complexity of your condition or medical problems, lab charges and other procedures.  Although we cannot quote you an exact cost in advance of your visit, we commit to treat you honestly and fairly and appreciate your support for this practice and the opportunity to serve you.
We accept cash, check, or credit card for payment for your charges.  Payments made after your visit should be made out to Personal Med Clinic and mailed to our billing partner: 


Kareo Medical Billing 

6100 Bandera Rd, Suite 215

San Antonio, TX 78238


Any questions regarding your bill should be directed to: (210) 616-9990


Some specific considerations depending on your health care arrangements:  

If you are using private insurance to help cover your care:

- We are happy to provide you medical care.  We are credentialed with most major insurance companies.  You may apply your in-network benefits if we are enrolled in your insurance company's network.  Otherwise, if you have out-of-network benefits (such as if you are enrolled in most PPO/POS plans), you may apply those to your care as allowed by your plan.  Please call us to verify our network participation. Please bring your current insurance card to your appointment and keep us informed of any changes in your insurance coverage and contact information.  We will make a good faith effort to verify your insurance benefits on or before the day of your visit, however, we suffer the same uncertainties as you do as to when and what your insurance company may cover and the information we obtain and share with you is not a guarantee of coverage.  Therefore, if you have unmet deductibles or we are not able to verify your information in advance of your visit, we ask you to share in the financial investment we make in your care by paying for half of your visit charges on the day of the visit.  All co-pay's are always due at the time of your visit as required by insurance carriers.  Any remaining balance for your visit will be billed to your insurance company by our billing partner.  Any balance unpaid by your insurance will be billed to you.  Any balance from your initial investment in excess of what your insurance covered will be refunded to you.


If you are paying out of pocket for your care:
- We are happy to provide you medical care.  We accept cash, check, or credit card for payment.  We request new patients provide advance payment for half of their estimated office visit fee (subject to change based on the complexity of their condition and the time spent on their visit) and that any additional services such as labs, ekg, or other testing be paid in full in advance.  We provide a prompt pay discount for paying your total in full on the day of your visit.

If you have Medicare, Medicaid or a Medicare replacement/supplement program:

- We are happy to provide you medical care.  However, please note that Dr. Tamayo opted out of Medicare and Medicaid as of April 1, 2008.  You may be seen at Personal Med Clinic under a “private contract” which will allow you to pay the charges for your care to this practice out of your own pocket. Neither you, nor Personal Med Clinic, may bill Medicare or Medicaid for your office visit. However, you may use your benefits for any covered medications, labs, imaging studies, specialist referrals or durable medical equipment that we may order for you.  Please call us for additional questions.

Charges for your care are due at the time of your visit as noted above.

If you are seeking care related to a Texas Workforce Commission claim or an evaluation for other disability benefits:


- We are happy to provide you medical care. However, please note that our staff are not providers for the Texas Workforce Commission. If you seek to have your visit covered as part of your claim, we advise you to seek care from a physician who is enrolled in their program. Additionally, we do not have the training or expertise to perform evaluations, provide opinions, or complete applications for disability programs of any kind. However, if we treat you for a medical condition and you later apply for disability benefits, we will be happy to share the records of our evaluation and treatment with any program you ask us to by signed request.


Charges for your care are due at the time of your visit as noted above.


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Thank you for keeping us

financially sustainable 

to care for you and others!